Puppy Training



Should you start training your puppy right away? YES! Don’t wait until they can enter a puppy class after they’re up to date on vaccines. Schedule a private in home lesson so you can start training your puppy right away, it is invaluable.

Training your puppy, is FUN, helps develop a bond, get’s your puppy started off using it’s brain in productive ways.

  If left to their own devices, puppies can get into some trouble (it’s not their fault, they aren’t bad puppies, they are just doing what natural for them!)

Rather than wait until they start to give you problems, why not avoid having any, by starting them off the right way.  Puppy training is always positive and fun, we want to teach our pups that working with us is the best thing in the world, we want them to WANT to do what we ask, and have fun doing so.  This will help prevent problems down the road and again, it’s just so much fun to train puppies!

Especially(not limited to) for first time puppy owners, there are many many things besides training, that you ought to know.  Just the basics on how to raise, and live with your pup.. what you should be doing those first few months.  What about teething? Learn how to deal with it and manage it.  Also know, that no, you don’t have an aggressive puppy who is biting you to be mean…. this is just what pups do.  Crate training basics, importance of a routine, what should you feed, etc. Let us help you get on the right track with your puppy.