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Pittsburgh Dog Training offers a wide variety of all breed dog obedience training and related services to Pittsburgh and all surrounding areas.

The types of training are as follows:

  • Puppy, basic, advanced, and competitive obedience dog training
  • Problem behaviors, and aggression management
  • Tracking and scent work
  • Schutzhund/IPO training and titling
  • Personal protection evaluating and training
  • Private Lessons
  • Board and train
  • Show dog training and conditioning
  • Pet sitting and dog walking to some locations

& many other more specific dog training scenarios


We offer lessons at our location(we are now located in Hanover Township, PA Beaver County) just west of the PIT airport near Raccoon State Park.

We also offer in home lessons to certain locations.

We have some people who prefer us to train their dogs,  We do this by doing a 4-6 week boarding and training program.  Or for those of you who don’t want to send the dog away for that long, but still want us to do the training, give us a call or e-mail as we have an option for you as well.

We try to find a program to fit everyone’s needs!

Contact us for more details, pricing, and scheduling