Obedience Training


Obedience training for your dog is important for so many reasons. The best thing about it in my opinion,  is that it will give your dog more freedom.  Freedom to tag along with you anywhere you go, to be able to run and play off leash, go hiking at the park, baseball games, to the store, visit with friends and family, to BE part of the family.

Sure, there are those special dogs, who can do all of the above, with no real formal training.  Most dogs however, need at least the basics to be able to enjoy some of these special moments.  No one wants to take a dog out and about who is pulling on the leash, and barking at anything that moves, who won’t sit still.  So rather than leave the dog at home, why not get the basic obedience commands mastered and take the dog with you on your next trip.

Dog’s WANT to learn, it gives them confidence, and a sense of duty.  Training will help build a bond with your dog, or make a strong bond even stronger. Obedience training will help develop a line of communication between you and your beloved pet. You will be able to tell your dog what you want them to do, and what you don’t want them to do, and they will understand.

Dogs aren’t born understanding English.  We need to TEACH them what we want them to do.  So many times I hear people say, their dog is stubborn, it won’t listen, etc.  Meanwhile they have never taken the time to teach the dog what it is they are trying to say.  Training your dog is a  commitment, it doesn’t happen overnight, and there is no magic dust we can sprinkle on them to make them into perfectly trained animals.  Training your dog is not difficult, but it requires time, patience, and consistency.  If you put the time in to train your dog, you will have such a better relationship with them.

The best part is, that you will even have FUN training your dog, and your dog will definitely have fun!


Our training methods:

Every dog has different things that make them tick, so to speak.  We work with your dog to find out, what exactly it is that they LOVE.  Toy, food, praise, etc.

We want every dog to LOVE training.

Teaching is always always done with motivation.
You can go a long way with motivation, but in our opinion, for SOME dogs, it can’t end there. I’ve worked with over a handful of dogs, that had been recommend to be put to sleep, because they were  labeled “dangerous”.  Truth be told, they just did not fit into a 100% positive training approach. Not one of these dogs was put to sleep, and with the right training program for each unique situation, have been able to be managed and live happy lives, and yes, still enjoy training!

We take a balanced approach, and our methods are fun for your dog, for you,  and your entire family.  Our methods can also produce reliable obedience, anywhere you go with your dog.

We occasionally have group classes for dogs who already know basic obedience, for proofing around distractions.  However, most of our lessons are 1 on 1 private lessons.  Here is why. Every dog and person is different, therefor they learn differently. Some dogs learn faster, some learn slower.  Some dogs like treats, some dogs like toys.  Some people learn by watching, some by doing. So many variables.  I like to look at each person and dog, and develop a plan for them as an individual team.  For dogs who are just learning obedience, a group setting is REALLY hard for them to learn in.  I like to do all teaching in a distraction free setting.  Only once the dog has a good grasp of whatever I am teaching them, will I add distractions.   Distractions are an important part of training, but again, I like the dogs to understand the basics first, before adding them.

We like to set dogs up for success, not failure!

Private lessons are about an hour long,  in one lesson, we can touch on several different commands or problem behaviors. I will  be showing  you how to train your dog, that means, you still have to put the time in to do the training at home!

Some people like to do weekly lessons until their dog is at the desired level of obedience. Others do weekly lessons because they want to do more advanced training, or different types of training.  Weekly lessons will also make you become accountable for practicing training away from lessons. It’s easy to take one lesson, learn what you have to do, but then not put the time in to follow through with the training.  I can tell if you have been doing your homework if I see you weekly!  This also helps to make sure that you aren’t making any mistakes, and that you are progressing along at the right pace.   Discounts are given for purchasing multiple lessons.

Group classes are held intermittently and only for dogs who can demonstrate on leash basic obedience.  A single private lesson/evaluation is required before entering a group class. This is good for people wanting to proof their training on their dogs in a group setting with other dogs, or for those wanting to compete in obedience who need the distraction training also.